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Sapio is dedicated to educating users about using the Sapio dating service safely. We are providing these safety tips to encourage our users to protect themselves against identity theft, fraud and financial scams and sexual predators when using our Service. We encourage our users to be cautious online, offline and be aware of fraud and financial scams and potential physical safety issues. You are responsible for your own safety and your online and offline activities. SAPIO DOES NOT CONDUCT ANY BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CRIMINAL SCREENINGS ON OUR USERS, BUT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DO SO. You are encouraged to utilize public records searches and Internet searches to investigate the persons you connect with online or hire private services to research the background of anyone you meet while using our Service. Be advised, however, that background checks only reveal those criminal matters for which a potential partner has been found and identified as the perpetrator – there may be other criminal matters for which the potential date has not been caught. Accordingly, you must remain vigilant as to your own safety, utilize all self-checking methods at your disposal and practice appropriate safety precautions.

Please review these dating safety tips to better protect yourself.

Online Safety Tips:

  • Protect your personal information: Be cautious about sharing your personal information (name, e-mail and mailing addresses, telephone number, for example) publicly in your profile or in a private communication with a potential partner. Whatever you post in your profile (directly or indirectly through Facebook, for example) is open to the public. Don’t post your contact information. Protect your Sapio user ID and your on-line password or access information. Remain anonymous until you feel comfortable with the potential partner.
  • Protect your financial information: Don’t give out your social security number, credit card numbers or bank information.
  • Watch for red flags that may indicate you are dealing with a scammer: be on guard if a potential date:*
    • Wants to leave the Sapio site immediately and use personal e-mail or some other external messenger system
    • Claims to be from the U.S., but is living or traveling abroad
    • Plans to visit, but is prevented by a traumatic event
    • Asks you to wire or send money to cover travel, medical emergencies, hotel bills, hospital bills for a child or other relative
    • Asks you inappropriate questions

*See these and other methods to recognize scam artists provided by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission at: dating-scams

  • Verify any photos: do an online search of the person’s name or do a reverse image search using the photo to see if the photo is posted elsewhere online. We encourage you to do your own research before agreeing to meet a person for the first time.
  • Be wary of fake profiles: once you meet someone online who interests you, find out everything you can about the person before you agree to meet for the first time.
  • Immediately report any suspicious behavior to us at: . Report anyone who:
    • violates our Terms of Use,
    • appears to be under the age of 13, or provides information from or about a child under the age of 13
    • appears to be under the age of 18
    • sends inappropriate, harassing, predatory, or violent messages
    • appears to have a fake profile o attempts to sell you something
    • infringes our intellectual property or the intellectual property of others
    • attempts to “phish” for log-in information
  • Cease communication and block an abusive or suspicious user from contacting you online through Sapio if they appear to be a scammer, a predator or makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe see the app or Website for instructions to block a user or contact us at:
  • Be careful of clicking on any URL links sent to you by other users: Until you get to know a person with whom you’ve been communicating online, be cautious of clicking on any links sent to you to avoid any “phishing” schemes for log-in information from users.
Safety Tips for Meeting in Person
  • Always meet and stay in a public place: Never agree to meet for the first time in a private location (such as your home or the other user’s home) or in a remote location. Stay at the public location and drive yourself to and from that location or arrange for your own transportation home. Do not invite the person back to your home, or go to your date’s home until you get to know them well enough to determine whether your safety is at risk. Consider meeting during the day where lots of people will be around.
  • Stay sober and unimpaired: It’s best to keep a clear mind, so don’t do anything that would impair your judgment. Limit your alcohol consumption, but if you do have a drink, keep your drink with you to prevent tampering.
  • Let at least one friend or relative know where you will be and the name of your date. Give pertinent details to your friend or relative, such as your date’s name, mobile and/or home phone number and other details you have learned prior to that first meeting. Check in with your friend or relative during your meeting to let them know how things are going.
  • Keep a fully charged cell phone with you.
  • Keep your personal items, like a purse or wallet with you: To prevent theft of those items, or your personal information inside those items, keep those items close to you.
  • If you agree to a long distance meet up:
    • stay in a hotel and keep your hotel location confidential
    • arrange for your own transportation to and from the airport
    • let at least one friend or relative know where you will be going, how you are getting there, whom you are meeting and when you will return.

We hope that you will follow these guidelines and use caution to make your Sapio dating experience safe and successful.

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